Buy Retail Display Fixture Slatwall Panels and Accessories for Sale - Hooks, Shelf Brackets, Displayers

    Slatwall H-Unit Gondola Base


    Slatwall H-Unit 48"(L) x 24"(W) x 54"(H) Used as a Gondola Style Merchandiser to hold shelving and hang merchandise with hooks Fits 48"L shelves Unassembled

    Slatwall "L" Shaped Wall Unit


    Finish : Maple, White or Black Melamine. Ships knock Down, Assembly Required. Base : 6"(H) "L" Shaped Slatwall Display Stand. 48"L x 20"D x 80"H. Use against the wall and...

    54" H Slatwall Rotating Unit


    54"H Slatwall Rotating Unit 12"(L) x 12"(D) x 54"(H) Slatwall Shelf Brackets & Hooks used to hold merchandise on Slatwall back Truck shipment Pre-assembled

    60" Slatwall Rotating Tower


    60" Slatwall Rotating Tower 20"(L) x 20"(D) x 60"(H) Available in Black, Maple, White finish Ships knocked down Assembly required Trucking shipment

    Slatwall 4-Way Display


    Slatwall 4-Way Display 36"(L) X 36"(D) X 54"(H) 4 Sides of Slatwall available to use shelf brackets and hooks to display your products Ships knocked down Assembly required Trucking required...

    Slatwall "T" Streamline Merchadiser


    Slatwall "T" Streamline Merchandiser 24"(L) x 25 1/2"(D) x 54"(H) Use shelf brackets or hooks to hang or add shelves to display your merchandise Ships assembled Assemble required Truck shipment...

    Shallow Basket

    $13.00 – $14.00

    Shallow Wire Basket Used On Slat Wall 24"(L) X 12"(W) X 4"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Double Sloping Basket

    $15.00 – $16.00

    Double Sloping Basket Wire Basket For Slatwall 24"(L) X 10"(W) X 5"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Small Basket

    $8.00 – $9.00

    Small Wire Basket For Slatwall 24"(L) X 10"(W) X 5"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Sloped Front Basket

    $9.00 – $10.00

    Sloped Front Wire Basket For Slatwall 12"(W) X 12"(D) X 8"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Deep Basket

    $12.00 – $13.00

    Deep Wire Basket For Slatwall 12"(W) X 12"(D) X 8"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Sloping Basket

    $8.00 – $9.00

    Sloping Wire Basket For Slatwall 15"(W) X12"(D) X 5"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Narrow Basket

    $6.00 – $7.00

    Narrow Wire Basket For Slatwall 12"(W) X 6"(D) X 6"(H) Sold 6/Pk

    Standard Hooks For Slatwall

    $0.32 – $0.60

    Slatwall Hooks In Different Sizes and Colors Used to Hang Merchandise on Slatwall Panels 1/4" Thick Gauge- Heavy Duty Construction

    Knife Shelf Brackets

    $1.80 – $2.95

    Slat Wall Knife Bracket Used on Slatwall to Hold Glass or Wood Shelves Shelf Holding Lip For Sturdy Shelf Rest

    Square Faceout

    $2.50 – $2.75

    12" Face-Out W/Ball Tip End for Slatwall Panels Square Tubing Construction

    5 Hook Waterfall

    $3.80 – $4.50

    5 Hook Waterfall For Slatwall Panels- 12"L Square Tubing

    6 Ball Waterfall

    $3.30 – $4.50

    6 Ball Waterfall For Slatwall Panels Square Tubing 12"L Hook

    Scanner Hooks

    $0.90 – $1.40

    Slatwall Scanner Hooks Includes Plastic Label Holder

    Euro Loop Hooks

    $0.75 – $1.05

    Slatwall Safety Euro Loop Hooks in Zinc U-Shaped Hook Ends

    Peg Hooks For Pegboards

    $0.40 – $0.65

    Peg Hooks W/Ball Tip End Used on Pegboard Backs 3/16" Wire Zinc Finish

    Thin Line Hooks


    Thinner Wire Gauge Hooks for Slatwall 45 degree Upturn Tip at Preventing Merchandise from Falling Off the Hook 3/16"T Wire Chrome Finish

    U- Shaped Hangrail Brackets

    $12.00 – $13.00

    U-Shaped Hangrail for Slatwall Panels Size: 21"L x 10 1/2"D Round Tubing 1 1/2"D Used on Slatwall to Hang Merchandise

    Hangrail Brackets For Tubing


    Hangrail Brackets to Hold Rectangular & Round Tubings on Slatwall Available In Chrome Finish

    When it comes to retail store start-ups, having a wide selection of durable Slatwall panels and Accessories is essential. Slatwall panels are highly versatile and find extensive use in various types of retail stores such as apparel stores, beauty supply stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, gift shops, smoke or vape shops, and pharmacy stores.

    Our Slatwall panels are crafted from top-quality laminate material, ensuring their robustness and strength to support up to 25 lbs per shelf. They provide an efficient solution for organizing and displaying a wide range of merchandise in a retail setting, making the process easier, simpler, and faster. In fact, Slatwall panels have utility not only in commercial spaces but also in residential settings, serving as a garage organizing solution, kitchen pantry storage solution, and a shelving system for closet storage needs.

    At Now Displays, we offer the finest quality Slatwall panels in both horizontal and vertical configurations, measuring 4' x 8'. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of Slatwall accessories, including standard hooks, knife shelf brackets, 12" faceouts, hangrail brackets, wire baskets, and various acrylic molded bins. These accessories are designed to create an attractive display layout on walls, maximizing the merchandise display space.

    To create a wall shelving perimeter, the Slatwall panels are ideal in creating a base for your wall visual merchandising, allowing the integration of hooks, shelves, shelf brackets, and other accessories to optimize the capacity for displaying merchandise effectively.

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