Retail Grid Wall Panels and Accessories

    Wire Grid Wall Panels

    $14.50 – $52.60

    Grid Panels constructed with 1/4" thick wire offered in White, Black & Chrome Finish Used on Walls or Can be Used With Bases - Sold Separately 3" Center Spacing Sold...

    Wall Mount Brackets

    $1.45 – $1.55

    Wall Mount Bracket For Grid Walls Holds Grid Walls 2" From Wall Wall Mount Brackets Can Be Mounted To Drywall, Wood, Cement For Use With 1/4"D Thick Grid Walls Available...

    Joining Clips

    $0.30 – $0.35

    Joining Clip For Grid Walls Recommended To Use 2 Joining Clips Per Every 1' High Available in Black, White & Chrome Finish

    "L" Shaped Base For Grid Wall Panel

    $9.00 – $9.50

    "L" Leg For Grid Wall 5/16" Thread Levelers Fits 1 Wire Panel (Sold Separately) Sold 2/Pk

    "T" Shaped Base for Grid Wall Panel

    $9.50 – $11.00

    "T" Shaped Legs For Grid Panels 24"W x 19"H Set Of 2 Legs Levelers Included Used To Create Freestanding Grid Wall Displays Available in Black, Chrome & White Finishes

    Triangle Base For Grid Wall Panels

    $34.00 – $38.00

    Triangle Base For Grid wall W/ Casters Thread 3/8" Base Size: 24"W x 24"D Fits 3 Grid Wall Needs Grid Wall Joining Connectors To Hold Together

    4-Way Pin Wheel Base for Grid Wall Panel

    $42.00 – $48.00

    4-Way Base For W/ Casters 3/8" Thread 36"W x 36"D Base Fits 4 Grid Wall Panels

    Gondola "H" Base For Grid Wall Panels

    $38.00 – $45.00

    48"L Gondola Base W/ Levelers 3/8"T Thread Total 4 Grid Walls Needed To Create The Perfect "H" Shaped Display Recommended to also use Joining Clips (GP/JC) to hold the Grid...

    Free-Standing Grid Wall Tower With T-Base

    $44.45 – $63.90

    Available in Chrome, Black & White Finishes Ideal For Tradeshows /Pop-Up Shops One Wire Grid Wall Panel Slides Into A Pair Of "T" Shaped Legs To Be Used As A...

    Free-Standing Grid Wall Tower With Triangle Base

    $104.40 – $161.50

    Made of Heavy 1/4"T Steel Wire Grid Each side is 24"W Available in Chrome, White & Black Finishes Very Trade Show Friendly Includes Joining Clips For Securing The Grid Wall...

    Free-Standing Grid Wall Tower With Pin Wheel Base

    $127.30 – $213.80

    Grid Wall Panels Are Assembled On A Pin Wheel 4-Way Shaped Style Base Available in Black, White & Chrome Finish Grid Wall Panels Are Connected Together by Joining Clips Very...

    Free-Standing Grid Wall Tower With H-Base

    $150.00 – $199.00

    Made of 1/4"Wite Steel Available in Chrome, White & Black Finishes 48"L x 24"D- Available in 4', 5', 6' Heights 4 Gridwall Panels Are Built On A "H" Shape Gondola...

    Notch Hooks

    $0.45 – $0.50

    Notch Hooks For Frid Panel Heavy Duty Metal Construction Available in Chrome, White & Black Finishes

    Standard Hooks For Grid Panels

    $0.45 – $0.90

    Grid Wall Hooks for Grid Panels Made of Heavy Construction with strong metal plate Available in Black, White & Chrome Finish

    Shelf Knife Brackets

    $2.15 – $2.35

    Grid Wall Knife Shelf Brackets Shelf Holding Lip At End Of Bracket Used To Hold Shelves For Grid Wall Available in Different Sizes & Black, White, Chrome FInishes

    7 Ball Waterfall

    $3.95 – $4.95

    7 Ball Waterfall For Grid Wall Square Tubing Design Available in Chrome, Black & White Finishes

    5 Hook Waterfall

    $3.75 – $4.75

    5 Hook Waterfall For Grid Wall Square Tubing Design Available in Chrome, White & Black Finishes

    Square Faceout

    $2.50 – $3.25

    12" Square Tubing Face-Out for Grid Panels 3/4" Square Tubing W/ Ball End Design Available in Chrome, Black & White Finishes

    12" Rectangular Faceout


    12" Face-Out For Grid Wall Rectangular Tubing Chrome Finish

    Hangrail Brackets For Round Tubing


    12" Hangrail Bracket For 1", 1 1/16", 1 1/4" Round Tubing Used on Grid Panel Chrome Finish

    Quarter Circle Hangrail Brackets

    $12.00 – $13.00

    Quarter Circle Design Hangrail Bracket For Grid Wall Panels 1 1/4" Round Tubing Hangrail Available in Black, White & Chrome Finish

    U-Shaped Hangrail Brackets

    $11.90 – $12.60

    U-Shaped Design Hangrail Bracket For Grid Wall Panels 1 1/4" Round Tubing Hangrail Available Black, White & Chrome Finish

    Our Wire Gridwall Panels are constructed using durable ¼" thick metal wire gauge, ensuring long-lasting quality. These versatile panels serve as an effective display layout in various retail settings, including apparel stores, beauty supply stores, convention trade shows, gas station convenience stores, gift shops, showrooms, and even as an organizing solution at home.

    We offer two types of Gridwall panels: Free-standing units that can be placed on the ground and easily shifted as needed, and Wire Panels that are designed to be mounted or hung on plain walls. Both options provide a flexible and efficient solution for displaying merchandise.

    To enhance the functionality of the Gridwall panels, we offer a wide range of storage and display attachments. These include hooks, shelves, shelf brackets, bins, faceouts, and waterfall accessories, which can be securely attached to the panels. By utilizing these attachments, you can maximize your display space and create an appealing shopping experience for your customers.

    Our exclusive Gridwall product lineup encompasses a diverse selection of Gridwall panels with different base styles. These include Gondola "H"-Unit, Triangle Base, T-Shaped Base, L-Shaped Base, as well as wall mount brackets for hanging the Gridwall panels on walls. 

    Explore our extensive range of Gridwall products and discover the options that best suit your retail store display needs. At Now Displays, we are committed to providing excellent Gridwall solutions for your display and organizational requirements.

    Discover the versatility of Wall Grid Panels, also known as Gridwall panels, for crafting a variety of retail displays. Similar to Slatwall Panels, Similar to Retail Slatwall Panels, Grid Wall Panels serve as adaptable fixtures suitable for shelving or hanging products when mounted on walls. Widely utilized in trade show booths, these panels become even more functional with the addition of "T" or "L" shaped legs, catering to various merchandising needs in retail storefronts, POP displays, garage storage, and more. Accessorize your Grid wall panels with metal hooks, shelf brackets, wire bins, baskets, and hangrails to enhance display options. Each panel consists of 1/4" diameter wire welded on a 3" on center grid pattern, ensuring durability and stability. Choose from a range of sizes, from 2ft x 4ft to 8ft in height, to suit your specific display requirements. Elevate your retail store display and merchandising needs with the versatility and efficiency of Grid wall panels and Grid wall accessories today.

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