Do you dream of creating a storefront that stops shoppers in their tracks? At Now Displays, we're passionate about transforming that vision into reality for business owners like you. Whether you're laying the groundwork for a new boutique or freshening up your café's interiors, our glass display cases can elevate your retail space to an art form. More than just places to showcase your products, they are your silent salespeople, narrating your brand's story and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Why order your glass display cases from Now Display?

We offer an extensive selection of frameless and wooden display designs to suit every aesthetic preference. Your options aren't just limited to compact counters or towering displays. We give you the complete freedom to choose the size, shape, and finish that best fits your brand image.

Our glass display cases are designed with security features in mind to protect your valuable merchandise. From secure locks to tempered glass, we've got you covered.

Plus, with options for custom lighting and mirrors, every detail of your product can shine, creating an immersive shopping experience that customers won't forget. Our internal LED lighting and mirror back options elevate the luxurious feel of your display case. Imagine how much more stunning and high-end your products will look with that extra shimmer!

Now Displays: The ultimate destination for your retail furnishing needs

We are confident that no matter what you're looking for, we can deliver. Our in-house design, build, and installation team ensures a seamless process from start to finish. We understand that the success of your business is dependent on creating an inviting and appealing atmosphere for your customers, and our glass display cases are designed with this goal in mind.

So why wait? Elevate your decor today with Now Displays by calling us at 718-661-3331 or visiting our website.