Retailers, particularly those in industries vulnerable to armed robberies and theft such as gun shops, jewelry stores, and cell phone stores, face significant challenges in safeguarding their inventory. The escalating incidents of theft not only result in the loss of valuable merchandise but also incur additional expenses for replacing damaged glass display cases. At Now Displays, we recognize the pressing need for enhanced security measures. That's why we now offer retailers the option to protect their merchandise with our "Anti-theft" Unbreakable Clear Glass Display Cases. With these innovative cases, retailers can rest assured knowing that their products are safeguarded against theft and vandalism, minimizing losses and ensuring peace of mind. Explore our range of Unbreakable Clear Glass Display Cases today and fortify your retail space against potential security threats.

Enhancing the store environment

In retail, catching the eye is just as crucial as offering top-notch products. That's why we've enhanced our Clear Glass Display Cases to not only maintain their sleek look but also add extra value. Our improved cases feature sturdy, break-resistant glass, designed to withstand attempted thefts.

By bolstering the security of our display cases, we're giving retailers peace of mind while ensuring their merchandise remains beautifully presented. With our upgraded Clear Glass Display Cases, you can confidently showcase your products without worrying about potential theft. It's a friendly solution that keeps your store looking great and your merchandise safe. Elevate your retail space with our durable and secure display options today.

Improve product security and organization

Investing in product security clear display cases crafted from special glass is a smart move for any retailer dealing with high-value merchandise. These clear glass display cases are built to withstand breakage, making them a formidable deterrent against theft and smash-and-grab incidents. It's no wonder they're highly sought-after and valued, especially in upscale retail environments where safeguarding valuable items is paramount. With these specialized display cases, retailers can enjoy peace of mind knowing their high-ticket merchandise is well-protected while still being beautifully showcased to customers.

Showcase products in the best light!

Clear display cases offer excellent customization options, and by adding LED lighting, you can elevate both the visibility and appeal of your products while also ensuring their security against potential threats.

Keep the goods dust-free and clean

Aside from showcasing your items, clear display cases protect them from dust and fingerprints, cutting down on the time your staff spends cleaning. This advantage isn't just for retail. Museums, schools, and collectors also find these cases perfect for maintaining their displays in top-notch condition.

Now Displays has the perfect clear display cases for any purpose, whether retail, commercial, or personal use. Their products come in various sizes with locks, keys, and tempered glass shelves and are available in wood, aluminum, or frameless glass. Call 718-661-3331 for a quote.

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Now Displays, a premier destination for retail solutions, elevates store aesthetics with a comprehensive range of top-tier products. From attractive glass store display cases and jewelry showcases that emphasize product allure to versatile store fixtures and countertop display cases designed for functionality, Now Displays ensures every retail space is a masterpiece. Illuminate your merchandise with their cutting-edge lighted glass display cases, and optimize space using grid wall accessories and retail slat walls. They understand the art of presentation, providing a diverse selection, including display mannequins that breathe life into any storefront. Visit their website for more details.