Jewelry retail is competitive and fast-paced. You need to capture your customers' attention and ignite their curiosity to succeed. Our high-quality jewelry display showcases can help you present your beautiful jewelry collections in a way that entices customers to browse and buy. We only use premium materials to ensure elegance, refined aesthetics, and longevity.

There are many ways to make the most of our jewelry display cases to make lasting impressions every time. Keep reading for a few expert tips to create stunning showcases:

Tip #1: Illuminate

Well-placed spotlights can make any piece sparkle and shine, and this is what our LED-lighted glass jewelry display cases can offer. A properly illuminated display case will make your jewelry more eye-catching while highlighting its craftsmanship and elegance to entice a viewer to buy.

Tip #2: Organize the pieces

Arrange your jewelry in a way that showcases their unique features. For instance, you can group them by collection or theme, or use risers to draw attention to statement pieces. Here at Now Displays, we also offer accessories like acrylic risers, cubes, and nesting tables to complement your jewelry display showcases.

Tip #3: Direct your customer’s gaze

Signage helps guide your customer’s attention while informing them about a piece, so choose visually appealing signs to convey messages while emphasizing your brand. Incorporate graphics, colors, and typography that appeal to your target audience, and consider adding interesting stories or facts about your goods to establish deeper connections and create intrigue with customers.

Tip #4: Add depth to your display with props

The right objects can add visual interest, context, and depth to your jewelry display showcases. Make sure to complement the theme and style of the pieces. For instance, seasonal summer pieces can incorporate sand-filled trays or seashells. Additionally, the right props can engage customers, creating connections and evoking emotions to help them picture how the piece can enhance or go with their personality and aesthetic.

Make the best impressions with our jewelry display showcases now. Shop here or call 718-661-3331 for made-to-order cases from our workshop.