Your choice of shop fittings affect how you display your products. But with numerous options available, choosing the right fit for your retail space can be challenging. At Now Displays, we can simplify this decision with our retail slatwall — a space-saving solution allows you to fully utilize your wall space, corners, and retail areas while ensuring that your goods are organized and displayed effectively.

Our slatwall panels are made from high-quality laminate to ensure their strength and robustness. You can use them to display goods up to 25 lbs per shelf. We offer them in different configurations, including vertical and horizontal, measuring 4’ x 8’, and rotating units, towers, 4-way displays, and merchandisers, so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

Make the most Slatwall merchandising

Here at Now Displays, we offer accessories to help you maximize your slatwall merchandising strategy. Our selection includes standard hooks, acrylic molded bins, wire baskets, handrail brackets, and 12” facets. We carefully curated these accessories to ensure high-quality, reliable, and attractive display layouts on any retail slatwall solution and effectively maximize your merchandise display.

Elevate your retail space

Our versatile slatwall panels will transform ordinary retail spaces into dynamic merchandising displays. We offer them in various configurations, such as plain paint grades and MDF melamine color finishes, ensuring ensure you’ll find the addition to complement your store’s interior design and aesthetic.

It’s easy to get creative with every retail slatwalfrom us. Use one as a backdrop for a customizable wall shelving solution and create various displays every month or season. Whether you prefer slatwall hooks to hang goods or organize items with glass or wood shelves, we offer the perfect accessories to elevate visual merchandising.

Discover more benefits

Retail Slatwall are relatively inexpensive compared to larger display units. Plus, they are versatile and space-saving for any store, as they allow you to maximize the display areas from floor to ceiling. Our slat walls will convert empty spaces into practical display areas to appeal to your customers.

While planning your retail space, be sure to check out our range of glass display cases and cabinets to complement your Slatwall displays. If you need a custom retail slatwall or display solution, feel free to ask our experts! Call us at 718-661-3331 or request a quote for a made-to-order option.