Here at Now Displays, our goal is to help retailers attract customers, tell their brand’s story, improve the customer experience, and increase sales with our retail furnishing solutions. We also understand that choosing the right glass display cabinet can be a bit overwhelming, given our extensive selection. If you're uncertain about what you need, don’t worry—we’ve prepared this guide to simplify the selection process.

Why use glass display cabinets?

Our glass display cabinets are excellent for highlighting your merchandise and enhancing your store's visual appeal without distracting from your brand's image. We offer a solution for every space and requirement from towering displays to compact counters. Using our glass display cabinets allows you to improve your visual merchandising and securely showcase your products, safeguarding them from dust and unnecessary handling.

Qualities of a good glass display case

Here are the main considerations for choosing a glass display cabinet:

  • Visual appeal - Firstly, find something that suits your store’s aesthetics and interiors. Your goal is to create a focal point to attract customers while maintaining your brand image. For instance, if you’re selling tech gadgets or trendy goods, consider using a frameless case like this one. If your brand exudes a traditional or vintage vibe, check out this timeless rectangular framed wood cabinet or this wall case in a cherry finish.
  • Size - Make sure the display cabinet can fit seamlessly into your intended space to allow customers to browse comfortably and let employees access the contents with ease. Take measurements and note the area’s depth, width, and height. Measure your current display shelves, too, so you can get a glass display cabinet that complements them.
  • Security - Glass display cabinets meant for displaying valuable items should feature secure locks and tempered glass to prevent smash-and-grab incidents. You’ll find these features in our2-shelf silver aluminum case.
  • Lighting - Internal LED lighting can help boost visibility and entice customers to look at and buy your goods. This is particularly helpful for detailed products and shiny objects that need the extra glimmer to stand out. At Now Displays, we customize our glass display cabinets with LED lights and a mirror back for added appeal.

We’re confident that we have the glass display cabinet you’re looking for. We can also make one from scratch if you can’t find what you need. Don’t hesitate to consult our specialists by calling 718-661-3331.