Beautifully presented pastries, cakes, and bread become sensory experiences that entice customers with their visual appeal and fresh aromas. This is why bakery display cases are not just display units—they are essential tools for attracting customers, ensuring quality and freshness, and ultimately driving sales. Investing in high-quality and well-maintained cases can help you make your bakery business a real success.

At Now Displays, we offer countertop bakery display cases to showcase your baked goods perfectly. Let’s explore the benefits of using them:


Our countertop bakery display cases offer clear and durable containers for presenting and storing your baked creations. We designed our aluminum frame countertop glass case with tempered glass shelves and a white laminate deck inside. The glass shelves are 13” L x 18” D x 26” H, allowing you to display your delicious pastries without overcrowding.

Keep your goods fresh

Our countertop bakery display cases prevent outside air from entering to keep your baked goods fresh and avoid staleness for an extended period. This extends the shelf-life of your products while allowing you to show them to your customers at the checkout counter.

Save space

These cases are particularly well-suited for smaller bakeries or cafes where counter space is at a premium. You can move them easily to change your store’s layout or freshen up promotional displays.

For an aesthetically pleasing store

Our bakery display cases are versatile and can be placed near coffee stations or checkout counters. The rectangular aluminum frame and clear glass won’t get in the way of showing customers how good your pastries and bread products look. Plus, you can decorate the outer frame to match your store interiors!

For countertop bakery display cases, look no further than Now Displays. You can browse and purchase what you need right here on this website. Do you want to have something customized? Talk to our specialists at 718-661-3331 to get started.