Lighted tower display cases have been in demand always because of the charm and elegance they add to your space. This blog will tell you all about these LED-projected display cases and their usage.

What Is a Lighted Tower Display Case?

With the help of a lighted tower display case, you'll able to see the merchandise at eye level with exclusive light to see them clearly. You can find different sizes and shapes of lighted tower displays on the website to select what best fits your needs. Usually, the tower height is 75" high with around four to five display shelves with attached LED lights. This makes your display spectacular and attractive. When a potential customer walks into your store, this is probably the first thing that catches their attention. Please note that the shelves inside the tower display are adjustable so you can organize your items accordingly.

Features of Lighted Tower Display Cases

The core purpose of any display case is to showcase products and protect them from any potential risks. Given these lighted tower display cases are made with highly sustainable materials, you can rely on their longevity and durability. Moreover, the best feature of the tower display cases is their built-in locks. It means that even your most valuable and costly items are protected but easily viewable.

You can find these display cases in metal, wood, or laminate frames, adding elegance to your space. Also, these glass-enclosed lighted display shelves have the option of floor-standing, free-standing, and wall-mounted. It's up to you what fits your store best. We have a variety of lighted tower display cases, shoe cabinets, football trophy displays, and lighting jewelry display cases to pick from, as well as countertop display cases.

Where Can You Use Tower Display Cases

Retail: These display cases are mostly used in retail stores to display some of their high-end items or things that are on sale. The LED lights in these cases give the items an accentuated effect to attract more customers.

Museums: Museums display some of the antique artefacts and sculptures that you want to display uniquely. So, these lighted tower display cases make the perfect choice. Sometimes, the owners or the exhibitors have special collectibles they wish to display exclusively.

Art Galleries: In some of the exclusive art shows and exhibitions, the artist or the management installs these display cases to give their pottery, ceramics, and glass sculptures a unique essence.

Lobby/Waiting Areas: Not all but some of the lobby areas in institutes, medical facilities, and corporate offices, you'd see people displaying their awards and other notable victories on these display cases. Besides, the LED lights in the cases add more charms, and it gives people a perfect opportunity to showcase their achievements.

Let Your Store Steal the Limelight

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