As a leading supplier of slatwall and accessories, Now Displays has complete knowledge regarding slatwall and other retail display products. Slatwall makes a perfect choice for people wanting to set up a new system of wall display or fit-out a new premises.

What Is Slatwall?

Those who don't know or someone who often confuses slatwall with other wall hanging systems. Slatwall panels is what people use indoors as an aesthetic interior design material to cover walls and display things. We can differentiate by horizontal grooves known as ' slats,' which allow you to utilize it with various attachments. We often find slatwalls in retail stoors, malls, and trailers for exhibition purposes. Many people also install slatwalls in their homes to elevate their aesthetic appeal.

How Much Weight Can the Slatwall Hold?

This is a million-dollar question: how much weight can the slatwall hold before breaking down? Well, there are a few factors in determining that. Firstly, its design, groove size, and the type of reinforced inserts used to hold it together. If we have to give you a general estimation of the weight, from our experience, 30 lbs per 48”L shelf with 3 shelf brackets would be recommended. If you want to add more weight, we suggest to add Slatwall aluminum inserts which are sold separately. They are inserted in the grooves to provide more weight support for the slatwalls

How to Use Slatwall Safely

If you want your slatwall panels to be fitted right and hold properly without compromising your safety, follow these tips:

  • The best trick to hold the maximum weight is to hang the items closest to the panels, as those sides are usually stronger. Remember, do not put the heavy weight on the edges like hooks, shelves, baskets, or trays.
  • Never overload your wall systems because the whole idea of a slatwall is to keep your things organized. Also, if you find your slatwall too cluttered, it means that it is. Take some weight off of it or organize it in a better way.
  • Avoid putting anything too big or too heavy weight on your hanging systems or shelf. Purchase accessories that are appropriate for the slatwall panels. Then, insert your accessories into the grooves accurately. This ensures that they are securely installed and capable of safely carrying loads.

What to Do If Your Slatwall Breaks Down?

It is a possibility when your slatwall is not installed properly or there's more than enough weight hanging on it. So, you must rearrange the placements by spreading the weight evenly on each panel so it can hold an equal amount of weight. Remember, each groove can carry a sufficient amount of weight, not too much. Also, if you have only hung the necessary items on the panels, it is still breaking down due to being overweight. Then, use more brackets and distribute the load. It will do the trick.

Slatwall Panels: A Heavyweight Champion as a Wall Shelving Solution !!

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