A slatwall is a type of display wall that is widely used in retail stores to showcase products. It consists of horizontal grooves where shelves, hooks, and other display accessories can be easily attached. Retail Slatwall displays are loved by many because:

  • it maximizes space,
  • it is versatile and customizable,
  • it is cost-effective and
  • it is easy to install and maintain.

If you are considering using slatwall displays in your retail store, here are some tips and tricks you should keep in mind.

Plan your layout

Before installing retail slatwall displays, plan out the layout of your store and determine where you want to place them. Consider how much space you have, what products you want to display, and the traffic flow in your store.

Use complementary colors

Have you ever walked into a store and noticed how well the display walls blend with the overall aesthetic of the store? That's because they carefully chose complementary colors for their slatwall displays. Consider the color scheme of your store and chooseretail slatwallpanels that will enhance its overall look.

Leave space in front.

Slatwall is a favored option because it uses wall space efficiently. Instead of bare walls, slatwalls let you display items like shirts and dresses. However, if you're using slatwalls, leave some space in front. Keeping this area clear helps shoppers reach the items easily. Overloading the front can block access and can deter sales.

Go high

Items placed higher up can be seen from many spots in the store, unlike those at eye level, which only nearby shoppers see. Yes, shoppers might need help to reach these items, but this method effectively highlights luxury or high-end items that might not sell as well if they were placed on lower shelves.

If you are now convinced about the benefits of using slatwall displays in yourretail store, contact Now Displays at 718-661-3331 to get started. We offer top-quality slatwall panels and other retail display solutions to help elevate your store's visual merchandising game.