In retail, presentation is everything. And as a business owner, you want to make sure your products are displayed in the best possible way to attract customers and increase sales. This is exactly the reason why custom glass display cases are always a popular choice for store fixtures.

If you are planning to invest in custom glass display cases, then here are some important elements to consider.

Adjustable shelves

Because the retail industry is ever-changing, your products may also change over time. That's why it's important to have adjustable shelves in your glass display cases. This allows you to easily adapt to new product sizes and shapes without having to buy a completely different fixture.


Proper lighting is an essential part of any successful store design. It can make or break the way your products are perceived by customers. When it comes to glass display cases, you need to make sure they have adequate lighting. This not only highlights your products but also creates a warm aesthetic that attracts shoppers.

Security features

The top priority with glass display cases is keeping your items safe. You need options that let customers see the products while ensuring they are secure from theft or harm. Choose cases with easy-to-use locks and strong, shatterproof glass. These features will help protect your merchandise without compromising on visibility.

Size and placement

Finally, think carefully about the size and placement of your custom glass display cases. The size should match the number and type of items you need to display, as well as the space available in your store. For placement, position the cases in spots with lots of foot traffic to grab customer attention quickly.

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