While they offer maximum visibility, traditional glass cases come with their own set of challenges — they're heavy, prone to breaking, and mostly suitable only for freestanding positions. At Now Displays, we recognize how crucial it is to keep your goods safe and beautifully displayed, which is why we’re excited to offer a more resilient option: the acrylic glass display case.

Acrylic is an excellent material for display cases due to its lightweight nature and versatility, making it perfect for countertop placements. It ensures your products are displayed clearly and safely, especially in retail environments where traditional glass might not be the best fit.

We're aware, though, that pure acrylic cases might not capture the same level of elegance or sleekness as their traditional glass counterparts, nor do they offer the same reflective qualities and resistance to scratches that glass does. That's why our lineup includes not only acrylic options but also glass display cases enhanced with features like tempered glass shelves for added durability. To further protect your merchandise, we equip our display cases with locks and keys, adding an extra security layer to your displays.

Explore the options

Our glass display cases come in frameless glass, wood, and metal-aluminum options and lengths like 72”, 60”, and 48”. Our aluminum-framed showcases are our best-sellers, with tempered glass and a low-maintenance laminate surface. We also carry wood-glass display cases if you prefer a more traditional and elegant look and feel for showcasing your goods. Be sure to check out our acrylic displays like this 4-tier rotating bowl display to complement your glass case.

At Now Displays, we also offer frameless bakery cases, countertop displays, and lighted towers. Do you need one-of-a-kind display solutions for your store? Our acrylic glass display case can be tailor-made to your requirements. We manufacture made-to-order ones in our NJ/NY workshop, so contact us if you don’t see what you want from our collection.

Bringing the best retail displays to you

Shop for glass display cases here at Now Displays. For a custom acrylic glass display case, don’t hesitate to call 718-661-3331 to discuss your needs with our experts.