When it comes to retail displays, it always helps to have versatile solutions you can mix and match to meet your merchandising requirements. A retail slatwall from Now Displays can be a great option. We supply slat wall panels to a wide range of businesses, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Beauty supplies, apparel, gift, smoke, and vape shops also find our solutions to be practical for organizing and showing their products cost-effectively, creatively, and quickly.

Retail slat walls make it easy to organize your goods or create a custom, lightweight shelving system in your store. At Now Displays, we make them out of top-quality laminate to ensure solutions that are durable and strong enough to support shelves weighing up to 25 lbs. We offer them in vertical and horizontal configurations in 4’ x 8’. Plus, you don’t have to look elsewhere for accessories to maximize their use and to get creative with your display layouts, such as Euro loop hooks, standard hooks, and deep baskets.

Create a streamlined and clean display

Our retail slatwall provides a clean, streamlined solution to display any product. With our baskets and other accessories, you can think of many ways to showcase your products and change up your display frequently. This can be beneficial when you want your retail store to look different and fresh every season or each month.

Showcase new goods

If you stick with the same display throughout the year, returning customers could miss certain products and see only the ones that interest them. Retail slat walls let you draw attention to the goods that deserve their attention.

Make your products the focal point

Creating aesthetically pleasing store interiors is not limited to the accessories and décor you use. With a retail slat wall, you can display eye-catching merchandise on walls. We also offer a range of slat walls in different designs and styles, such as those with aluminum inserts, H-unit gondola bases, rotating towers, T streamline merchandiser, 4-way displays, and L-shaped wall units.

Shop our full range of retail slat walls here to learn more. If you need a custom retail slatwall, call 718-661-3331. We can design the best displays for your store.