In retail, standing out with innovative display methods is key to grabbing attention, enhancing the shopping experience, and boosting sales. Now Displays is here to help you achieve just that with our versatile grid wall panels. Perfect for any store layout, these panels can either be mounted on your wall or stand freely, adapting effortlessly to your space and how you want to showcase your goods. Dive into a world of flexible, dynamic display options designed to highlight your merchandise in the best way possible!

A grid wall panel is typically made of metal for a reusable, lasting, and durable display solution. At Now Displays, we offer wire grid wall panels with 1/4”-thick wire in black, white, or a chrome finish and with a 3” center spacing. We sell these in three pieces per pack for more value to you. Plus, you can get them in the following sizes: 1’ x 5’, 2’ x 4’, 2’ x 5’, 2’ x 6’, 2’ x 7’, 2’ x 8’, and 4’ x 4’.

Using a grid wall panel

You can display our grid wall panel in many ways. Hang one or more on walls using our wall-mount brackets, connect them with joining clips, or create a free-standing display with solutions like an L-shaped base, T-shaped base, 4-way pin wheel base, gondola H base, or triangle base.

Create attractive displays with a wire grid wall panel.

Grid wall panels allow you to showcase your goods creatively in many different ways, such as:

  • Categorize your products: Choose an appropriate and visually attractive aesthetic theme to draw your target audience, and arrange your goods in complementary colors.
  • Enhance their function with accessories: Use hooks or hangers to hang lightweight bins or shelves on a grid wall panel.
  • Create exciting and dynamic displays: Set a grid wall panel in an area where you want to show grab-and-go items, such as candies and travel-sized make-up, to encourage impulse buying. Consider adding a spotlight overhead or hanging fairy lights around the grid to draw attention to your display.

Elevate your displays with our grid wall panels here at Now Displays. Shop here or contact us for a custom solution. You can reach us by calling 718-661-3331.