Even the highest quality products need a dynamic display to catch the eye of your customers. While traditional retail setups might do the job initially, they often lose their appeal over time. Consider integrating wall grid panels into your store’s design to keep your customers engaged and eager to shop. These versatile panels can significantly enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your retail space, regardless of its size.

Here at Now Displays, we offer sets of three retail wire grid wall panels that provide great value without sacrificing quality. These panels are not only affordable but also compact, sleek, lightweight, and incredibly flexible. With an assortment of compatible accessories, they become a modular and scalable solution, ready to adapt to your evolving display requirements. Discover how you can fully utilize wall grid panels in your store to create a visually appealing and functional display area.

Shelving bays

Grid wall panels are perfect for creating efficient wall bays to maximize a single display unit and make it show more goods. Just add hooks, square faceouts, 7- or 5-hook waterfalls, shelf knife brackets, or hangrail brackets to modify your display. These accessories are also easy to rearrange to make new displays.

Choose the right finish.

Our wall grid panels are available in black, white, and chrome finish. These finishes are versatile for any interior design and won’t distract from the goods you’re showing. You can choose a color that can contrast your products for an eye-catching look or match the color of your products to make the grid appear almost invisible at first glance.

Expand your grids

Use joining clips to add more wall grid panels and create a wider display to accommodate shelves and maximize the space, especially when showcasing various products. Don’t forget to use mounting brackets to support the additional grids and the weight of your baskets, hooks, and products.

Corner wall display

Retail grid wall panels can make empty corners functional by allowing you to show more goods. This maximizes your space while keeping customers interested as they pass by.

Ready to design your dream retail space?

Shop wall grid panels here at Now Displays along with the accessories you need to create a one-of-a-kind showcase for your goods. If you need custom display solutions, don’t hesitate to call us at 718-661-3331.