Now Displays offers unique and innovative retail display solutions that elevate your store's aesthetic and functionality. Our grid wall accessories are specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s dynamic retail environments.

What are some of our featured grid wall accessories?

Why choose our grid wall accessories?

  • Versatility and creativity - Mix and match to create displays that mirror your brand’s aesthetics. From fashion exhibitions to craft shows, our accessories cater to a wide range of requirements!
  • World-class quality - Constructed from durable materials, our accessories are designed for longevity to support your dynamic display needs.
  • Aesthetic appeal - Our sleek designs ensure that your products stand out while enhancing customer engagement and experience.
  • Cost-effective solutions - Upgrade your retail space without breaking the bank. Our products offer premium quality at competitive prices.

When you use our grid wall accessories, you're not just investing in a retail solution — you're elevating your store's display to a world of endless possibilities. At Now Displays, we understand the power of first impressions. Our goal is to help you create retail spaces that not only attract but also retain customer interest.

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