Grid wall panels are versatile display solutions for various retail settings. At Now Displays, we offer high-quality and long-lasting ones made of durable 1/4”-thick metal wire gauge. This makes them suitable for showcasing a wide range of goods, including beauty supplies and apparel. We also offer a range of grid wall accessories to make them more flexible for trade shows, convenience stores, gift shops, and showrooms.

Our accessories for wire grid wall panels include U-shaped, quarter circle, and round tubing hangrail brackets, square and 12” rectangular faceouts, notch hooks, shelf knife brackets, and standard hooks. We also carry 7-ball and 5-hook waterfall accessories for hanging items.

How do you decide which accessories to choose? Read on for some tips:

Assess your display needs

At Now Displays, we offer grid wall display solutions as wire panels and free-standing units. The latter can be placed on the floor and moved around as required. On the other hand, wire panels are hung or mounted on plain walls. While both options offer an efficient and flexible solution for showcasing your goods, take the time to consider what you plan to display on them so you can choose appropriate grid wall accessories and attachments, such as hooks, shelf brackets, bins, shelves, and faceouts.

Check the dimensions and sizes of your goods

Bulky, large, or oversized products need enough support to keep them in place and prevent them from falling off. This means the accessory should support their weight. In most cases, a larger accessory should be able to carry more weight.

Check the design

Baskets and shelves usually suit big products that can benefit from additional space for display. On the other hand, smaller items like keychains or jewelry can be displayed in brackets or hooks. Are you selling delicate garments? Choose grid wall accessories that won't cause them to snag or become damaged.

Special needs

At Now Displays, you’ll find everything you need to customize your grid wall displays. We offer T-shaped, triangle, gondola H, L-shaped, and 4-way pin wheelbases for more versatile and mobile displays that are easy to move around the store. We also make it possible to expand your grid wall by connecting them with joining clips.

Need help?

Our team can offer tailored advice and more tips for choosing grid wall accessories. Chat with us here at Now Displays or call 718-661-3331.