Humans are highly visual creatures, and you can take advantage of this by showcasing your products in a lighted display case. Here at Now Displays, we offer the best selection of retail display cases with LED lighting to highlight and enhance the aesthetics of your merchandise without compromising functionality and security.

No matter what you are selling, our lighted display towers and cabinets provide the ultimate solution to present your goods captivatingly. However, we understand it can be overwhelming to take your pick, so we prepared this guide to help you.

Here are tips to help you choose the best retail lighted display cases:

Look for fully assembled options.

At Now Displays, we take the guesswork out of assembling a lighted display case. We deliver them to you fully assembled so you can focus on visual merchandising and arrange your products in an enticing manner.

Check the features

Look for a lighted display case with all the necessary features that meet your visual merchandising needs. Our LED light retail display towers and cabinets illuminate your goods with an inviting and soft glow for a mesmerizing visual experience. Additionally, consider the security features of the case, such as locks to keep your goods safe.

Ensure sufficient space

What do you want to display in the lighted display cases? The answer can influence the size and available storage space. At Now Displays, we guarantee ample storage space to keep your goods easily accessible and organized.

Go for versatility

Do you want a more versatile display that can keep up with seasonal products or evolving retail requirements? We offer a lighted display case with wheels for mobility. Moreover, we use sleek aluminum trims to complement any presentation without compromising sophistication.

Don’t hesitate to ask for custom cases.

Here at Now Displays, we also specialize in crafting custom retail display cases to meet our customer’s special requirements. Chat with us here or call 718-661-3331 to learn more about ordering a custom-lighted display case.