A retail display unit is utilized at actual retail locations to showcase or advertise an offering to customers. When you go to a mall and look at retail/clothing stores, you would be hesitant to go in if there is nothing on the window displays or outside the stores. What are they promoting? What are they selling? Is it eye-catching?

Why Are Display Areas Important in Stores?

It is a challenging task for retailers to work out visual merchandising. Moreover, you should know what should you display and where you should display them matters a lot. If the brand wants to make itself consistently understood by the customers, this is the main question they ask. From the moment walk by your store till they make sense of the brand, the display areas play a huge role. It’s a part of the storytelling of the brand.

4 Key Display Areas in a Store

Window Displays

Window displays are located at the front of the store and are designed to attract the attention of passersby and entice them to enter the store. So, if you are wondering what are the four key display areas in a store? Well, these displays often feature the store's most appealing or new merchandise and are used to showcase the store's brand image and create visual interest.

Entrance Displays

Entrance displays are positioned just inside the store's entrance and are intended to greet customers as they enter. These displays are strategically placed to capture the attention of customers and provide them with a snapshot of what the store has to offer. Moreover, they can highlight promotions, new arrivals, or key product categories to generate immediate interest and guide customers into the store.

Feature Displays

Feature displays are strategically placed throughout the store to highlight specific products, promotions, or themes. These displays are usually located in high-traffic areas or near relevant product sections. Additionally, feature displays are designed to draw attention to specific items or product collections and encourage customers to explore further.

Checkout Displays

Checkout displays are located near the store's checkout area and are designed to capture the attention of customers during the payment process. These displays often feature small, impulse-buy items such as candies, snacks, or accessories that customers can easily add to their purchases. Similarly, checkout displays can help increase impulse sales and create a positive last impression before customers leave the store.

Things to Avoid

  • Too many signs equal customers losing interest. Don’t overdo it! Find one sign that gets the point of a sale or promotion across to customers clearly.
  • A dirty display is an ugly exhibit. It's just the way it is. Ensure that all of your retail shelving displays are clean, tidy, and free from debris.