Do you sell delicate or valuable goods? If so, our retail display shelves are perfect solutions to keep them safe while drawing attention to their beauty. At Now Displays, we offer glass cabinets of different sizes, shapes, and configurations to meet any requirement, whether showcasing goods in pharmacies, jewelry stores, vape shops, or other retail establishments.

Here at Now Displays, we offer the widest variety of glass display cases, from our wall and tower glass cases to frameless showcases, LED lighted displays, and wood glass options, making sure there is something to suit every retailer. Plus, we have made-to-order options for retailers with special display needs.

Elevate your visual merchandising

Ever wonder why some stores seem to effortlessly entice you to browse and buy? It's likely due to the power of visual merchandising — the art of using store displays to influence customer behavior. Strategic product placement, attractive shelving, and eye-catching arrangements all work together to grab attention, highlight product features, and ultimately drive sales. 

Here at Now Displays, we offer high-quality retail display shelves designed to be powerful sales tools. Our shelves can help you create displays that draw customers in and showcase your products in their best light.

We offer LED lighting, display stands, and mirror-back panels that allow you to create stand-out showcases. Our solutions can brighten up your retail space, especially when you have themed displays or are looking for a safe and convenient way to create a focal point in your store using best-selling items or new arrivals.

Get creative with versatile display shelves

Our retail display shelves are durable and long-lasting because we use only high-quality materials, such as aluminum, laminate surfaces, and tempered glass. Even our wood glass display cases are robust with their tempered glass and wood laminate. This means you can keep using your display cases for many years, allowing you to make themed showcases and beautiful visuals to engage customers and entice them to buy your goods. We also offer flexible display options, such as countertop displays, tower units, and jewelry display cases to suit your space requirements.

Shop retail display shelves for your business here at Now Displays. If you need custom colors or sizes, don’t hesitate to engage our specialists by calling 917-575-3232.