Are you opening your own bakery, restaurant, or cafe and looking for smart display solutions for your baked goods? Here at Now Displays, we offer high-quality countertop display cases to enhance your visual merchandising.

We have fully-assembled aluminum frame countertop glass cases with an inner laminate deck and tempered glass shelves. You can place them at coffee stations or near checkout counters to encourage impulse purchases and increase sales.

Beyond this, there are other ways you can benefit from using a countertop display case to showcase your pastries:

Increased visibility

Since they are propped up on a countertop or table, these display cases are within the eye level of most customers. Plus, they are easily noticeable and draw attention to themselves, especially when they have LED lighting inside. Our countertop display cases are designed to increase visibility without distracting a customer’s attention from your pastries. Moreover, they show your pastries in their most mouthwatering best, enticing customers to buy.

Keep your pastries fresh

Leave the dispensers and bins for candies and wrapped baked goods, and use a countertop display case for freshly baked pastries. Our countertop pastry display cases are enclosed and prevent outside air from affecting the freshness of your goods. This keeps them from getting stale and prolongs their shelf life.

Keeping pastries in an enclosed countertop display case prevents contamination. You can make it so your staff are the only ones who can access the case to protect your baked goods from germs, viruses, and bugs. Your business can show its commitment to health and safety by showcasing your pastries in our countertop display cases.

Enhance your store’s aesthetic appeal

You can decorate our countertop pastry display case in different ways to complement seasonal goods or highlight best-selling goods. The right decorations will let the display case speak for itself.

Order the best countertop display case

Complete your shop with our ready-made and custom countertop display cases for pastries. Inquire about ordering by emailing or call us at 718-661-3331.